Call for Papers 【Deadline arrived】

Call for Papers
National Chengchi University
  2012 International Conference on Innovation Studies


Innovation Studies: Trans-disciplinary Dialogue
  December 1-2, 2012

●         How do different fields and disciplines stimulate each other to produce innovation?

●         What tools are needed to explore and break from the boundaries of innovation?

●         What networks support connections and let ideas circulate freely?

●         What platforms bridge and diffuse knowledge from different fields?
●         What fertile grounds exist to plant and harvest the fruits of innovation?

One answer is trans-disciplinary dialogue.
     That is why Innovation Studies: Trans-disciplinary Dialogue has been chosen as the theme for the 2012 International Conference on Innovation Studies.

We invite scholars and experts from the fields of cognitive science, cultural and creative industries, information and communications, service systems and management, and future imagination and creativity to explore the borders and our knowledge of innovation by bridging ideas and sharing the results of innovation through paper presentations and trans-disciplinary dialogue.
■ Topics
A.   Creativity: Perspectives from Both the Sciences and Humanities

A1. The cognitive neuroscience of innovation  
A2. Investigation of the elements of innovation: creativity, imagination, narrative, and design abilities  

B.     Development and Innovation in the Cultural and Creative Industries
B1. Creation, cross-over, and transformation in cultural and creative industries  
B2. Experimental platforms and creative market designs for cultural and creative products/services  
B3. Proposals on creative cities and creative lifestyles  
B4. Culture and creativity in education, industry and policy
C.    The Evolution and Innovation of Communication  

C1. New storytelling forms  
C2. New user experiences
C3. Communication issues in the risk society  
C4. Communication rights in the future - policy, rights and ethics
C5. New business models in communications

D.    Service System Innovations
D1. Innovations in business operations (e.g., business model innovations, strategy innovations and process innovations)
D2. Product or service innovations targeting senior citizens
D3. Innovations in imagery-based service design  

E.     Creativity and Imagining the Future in Education
E1. Educational innovation in elementary, middle, and high schools
E2. Innovation in higher education
E3. Innovation in adult education  
E4. Innovation of educational policy and the educational system
F.     Other innovation-related trans-disciplinary topics
■ Presentation Categories

1.      Oral Presentation

 10 minute presentation of paper followed by 10 minute dialogue with discussant and audience.
2.      Poster Presentation
On display from 8:30AM on December 1st to 5:00PM on December 2nd. The conference organizers will provide a poster stand (90cm wide, 120cm tall) and tape.
3.      Trans-disciplinary Dialogue Forum
Participants will create their own team (3-5 people) and designate someone from the team to chair a dialogue on an innovation-related topic.
■ Submission Method

Submissions to this conference will undergo an abstract review. Documents should be emailed to Details regarding the content of the application and other important issues can be found below:
1.      Paper Abstract

Please refer to the required format.
 2.      Applicant Information Form
Please fill in and sign Applicant Information Formand return it as a scanned pdf file.
3.      Trans-disciplinary Dialogue Forum Proposal
Those submitting proposals for the “Trans-disciplinary Dialogue” should include a dialogue proposal. No format is specified.
■ Format

Paper abstracts and papers should be submitted in an A4 Word document and meet the following format specifications. Papers that do not meet requirements will not be reviewed.
Paper Abstract

Abstracts may be written in English or Chinese. They must include a Chinese and English title, the author(s), affiliated institution(s), email, abstract, and keyword(s). The content should cover the research question, purpose of study, method, and results in less than 1,000 words. Keywords are limited to 5.

■ Important Dates

●       Abstract Submission Deadline:
   June 25, 2012 (Monday)  
●        Notification of Abstract Acceptance:
   July 16, 2012 (Monday)  
●        Registration Deadline for Accepted Presenters:
   September 30, 2012 (Sunday)
●        Paper Submission Deadline:
   October 31, 2012 (Wednesday)  
●        Registration Payment Deadline:
   October 31, 2012 (Wednesday)  
●        Notification of Presentation Schedule:
   November 15, 2012 (Thursday)
●        Conference Dates:
   December 1-2, 2012 (Saturday and Sunday)
■ Notes

1.      While authors may select a preferred presentation category, the programming committee reserves the right to make final decisions regarding presentation category.
2.      After your abstract is accepted, please submit the full paper and registration payment before the deadline (Wednesday, October 31, 2012). Failure to do so will be considered a forfeiture of the presentation invitation.
3.      By submitting work for presentation, the author grants the host institution (National Chengchi University) a non-exclusive license for non-profit, academic-related publication and use on the website.
4.      After the conference, selected papers will be collected in a conference book.
■ Organizers and Contact Information

●        Host: National Chengchi University  
●        Co-hosts: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology; National Taiwan Normal University;The Program of Creativity and Imagining the Future in Education
●       Honorary Chairperson: President Wu Se-hwa, National Chengchi University
●        Conference Chairperson: Professor Wu Jing-jyi
●        Contact Person: Ms. Chen Hui-Ju, Center for Creativity and Innovation Studies,  National Chengchi University
●        Contact Number: 02-29393091 ext. 65710
●        Fax Number: 02-86618498
●        Email: