A limited number of accommodations in the guest houses of Academica Sinica (  and the National Chengchi University is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.  
The prices for the guest house of Academia Sinica are NTD 1250 (~USD 43)/night for a single room and NTD 1700 (~USD 57)/night for a double room.
The prices for the guest house of National Chengchi University are NTD 2500 (~USD 86)/night for a twin room and NTD 2500 (~USD 86)/night for a triple room.
If you would like to book your stay in the guest house, please write to us (E-mail:  
For those who choose to stay in the guest house of Academia Sinica, there will be a bus to take you to the conference site in the morning and back to Academia Sinica in the evening.  
The traveling time is about 20 minutes one-way. 
In addition to the guest houses in Academia Sinica and National Chengchi University, some nearby hotels are listed here but you need to book your accommodation through the hotel:

Hotel Price per night Distance to Academia Sinica
Leader Hotel htt Leader Hotel NTD 5,500~
(USD 186~)
~8 km
Howard Hotel  NTD 9,500~
(USD 322~)
Holiday Inn East Taipei NTD 2,970~
(USD 100~)
~5 km
City Lake Hotel Taipei  NTD 4,300~
(USD 145~)
Taipei Fullerton Hotel (Fu-Xing North) NTD 2,950~
(USD 100~)
Taipei Fullerton Hotel (Fu-Xing South)  NTD 4,300~
(USD 145~)
Taipei Fullerton Hotel (Fu-Xing North) NTD 3,325~
(USD 112~)
The Tango Hotel (Taipei XinYi)  NTD 4,000~
(USD 132~)
San Wan Hotel Taipei NTD 4,200~
(USD 138~)
Grand Hyatt Taipei  NTD 7,600~
(USD 240~)