Conference Theme: The Applications of Information Technology

Conference Objectives:

      This conference will present and discuss innovative ideas, methods, technologies and information systems of smart companies in various industries.  Research, design and implementation of initiatives and projects in the field of smart enterprises are welcome. This conference will provide an excellent opportunity for scholars, students, executives and practitioners to meet with renowned experts from around the world to discuss ideas and methods for smart enterprise innovation, advances in smart technology and smart systems, best practices and case studies of smart business, as well as many other topics related to smart technology-based enterprise applications.

TRACK 1: Smart Business

§  Conceptual frameworks for smart Business

§  Modeling for smart Business

§  Platform Strategies and Architectures

§  Enterprise application integration

§  Virtual enterprises and virtual markets

§  Platform and Ecosystems

§  Virtual organizations and Coalitions

§  Smart-Collaboration and Smart-Services

§  Future work environments for Smart-Business

§  Ethics Issues in Smart Business

§  Sustainability Issues in Smart Business

§  Corporate Governance in Smart Business

§  Others


§  Business-IT Alignment

§  Business Process Management

§  O2O Considerations

§  Business Performance

§  Enterprise Architecture

§  Business Models

§  Enterprise Ontologies

§  Microservices and DevOp

§  Service-oriented Enterprise

§  Others

TRACK 3: Smart Business Applications

§  Entertainment

§  Manufacturing

§  Banking/Finance

§  Construction

§  Advertising/Media

§  Education

§  Health Care/Well-being

§  Service

§  Retail

§  Others

TRACK 4: Smart Business Transformation

§  Smart Business Strategy Transformation

§  Process Excellence Transformation

§  Technology Excellence Transformation

§  People & Culture Excellence Transformation

§  Customer Excellence Transformation

§  Change Management

§  Patterns and models of Smart Business Transformation and innovation

§  Business Model Innovation via Emerging Technologies

§  Performance Measurement and Management of Smart Business Transformation

§  Others

TRACK 5. Technologies and Tools Innovative in Smart Business

§  AI and Deep Learning

§  Big Data and Data Analytics

§  Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

§  IOT

§  Smart Gamification

§  Smart Social Media

§  Smart Mobility

§  Self-driving Cars

§  Drones

§  Others