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CCPEA was first established in 2012 in order to promote academic exchanges and international research collaborations among East Asian philosophers. This conference takes place every two years. The first one was held in Taipei in September 2012, the second one in Kyoto in August 2014, and the third one in Seoul in August 2016. With this platform many East Asian philosophers and philosophers working on east Asian philosophy shared their work and interacted with one another during session meetings and social gatherings. We hope that the 4th CCPEA will continue this great tradition and facilitate more academically exciting and inspiring exchanges of ideas among East Asian philosophers.          


We have a special emphasis on “’The heritage of East Asia Philosophy” in the 4th conference. We would like to use this platform to honor and learn from the legacy of our teachers and the great effort they devote to our philosophical tradition, as well as encouraging the participation of young researchers and students so that this philosophical heritage will be passed down.


Call for Abstract


We sincerely invite you to participate in the “Fourth Conference on Contemporary Philosophy in East Asia (CCPEA 2018)第四屆當代東亞哲學會議, scheduled from the 9th to the 11th August 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan.
This Conference will be hosted by National Chengchi University, with the joint effort of National Yang-Ming University, National Tsing Hua University, and Academia Sinica.


The Conference deliberations will be on the following themes:

1. Logic
2. Metaphysics
3. Epistemology
4. Philosophy of Language
5. Philosophy of Mind
6. Philosophy of Science
7. Ethics
8. Political philosophy
9. Feminism and Gender Issues
10. Aesthetics
11. Philosophy of Religion
12. Chinese Philosophy
13. Asian Philosophy
14. European Philosophy
15. Comparative Philosophy
16. History of Philosophy in Contemporary Perspective
17. Others 

This Conference will examine research and development both locally and internationally. Although analytic approaches are preferred, continental and other approaches are also welcomed. 

The registration fee for this conference is 2000 NTD, which will cover the lunches and refreshments during the conference, as well as the welcome reception (on 8/9) and the farewell banquet.
You only need to register after your abstract is accepted.

Please submit an abstract prepared for anonymous review as an e-mail attachment to the Conference Contact, Professor Ellie Wang, at before by April 15, 2018.


Contributed Papers The abstract must be no more than 500 words and in MS Word (*.doc) or Rich Text Format (*.rtf). 
Each accepted paper will be allocated 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion).

Contributed Symposia

The abstract must be no more than 1,700 words in MS Word (*.doc) or Rich Text Format (*.rtf). It should include
  • a general description of the format and the topic of the proposed symposium and its significance (maximum 500 words), and
  • an abstract of each paper (2-3 papers, maximum 500 words for each).
An accepted symposium will be allocated 90 minutes for presentation and discussion of at least two papers.

When you submit the abstract, please also provide the following information in the main body of your e-mail:

  • Name (Please capitalize your family name.)
  • Affiliation and Title
  • Abstract Title
  • Abstract Category (Please choose one of the areas listed above.)


* The official language for this conference is English, but you are welcome to submit your abstract in both Chinese and English, and present your paper in Chinese, if your paper is in the area of Chinese philosophy. 本會議所有領域皆以英文為主,唯獨中國哲學領域歡迎學者以中文寫作與發表。如果您的論文屬中國哲學領域並想以中文發表,您的大綱可用中文或英文書寫,但為了與其對中文不熟悉的學者溝通,在您的大綱獲得接受後,請您也繳交一份較詳細的英文論文摘要。


Your Faithfully,

The 4th CCPEA Local Organizing Committee

Kai-Yuan Cheng (National Yang-Ming University / Taiwan)

Szu-Ting Chen (National Tsing Hua University / Taiwan)

Ellie Hua Wang (National ChengChi University/ Taiwan)