Seminar Title2012 International Conference on Innovation Studies
Start Date2012-12-01 08:30:00
End Date2012-12-02 23:59:00
Introduction● How do different fields and disciplines stimulate each other to produce innovation?

● What tools are needed to explore and break from the boundaries of innovation?

● What networks support connections and let ideas circulate freely?

● What platforms bridge and diffuse knowledge from different fields?

● What fertile grounds exist to plant and harvest the fruits of innovation?

One answer is trans-disciplinary dialogue.

That is why Innovation Studies: Trans-disciplinary Dialogue has been chosen as the theme for the 2012 International Conference on Innovation Studies.
We invite scholars and experts from the fields of cognitive science, cultural and creative industries, information and communications, service systems and management, and future imagination and creativity to explore the borders and our knowledge of innovation by bridging ideas and sharing the results of innovation through paper presentations and trans-disciplinary dialogue.
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