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Seminar TitleAsia-Pacific Econophysics Conference 2012
Start Date2012-09-05 00:00:00
End Date2012-09-06 00:00:00

The aim of this conference is to gather together researchers from different
research fields (physics, economics, finance, mathematics and engineering, etc)
to review recent results, exchange ideas and methods and to confront common
problems linking economics and physical sciences. The conference organizers
will try to promote an open-minded, cross-fertilizing, and regular exchange of
ideas among scholars and practitioners of the different fields in a friendly
environment. All researchers from within and outside the Asia-Pacific region
are welcome to participate.

Conference Topics

Conference topics include but not limit to the following research areas:

‧ Statistical and probabilistic methods in economics and finance

‧ Multi-scaling analysis and modeling

‧ Complex socio-economic networks

‧ Agent-based models in economics and finance

‧ Evolutionary economics

‧ Information, bounded rationality, and learning

‧ Markets as complex adaptive systems

‧ Nonlinear dynamics and econometrics

‧ Nonadditive entropy and nonextensive statistical mechanics in socio-economics

In light of the recent financial crisis and the resultant heating reflections and
discussions on the mainstream economics, this conference also welcomes provocative
ideas to provide lessons, insights or merits which are not easily available in the
mainstream approaches. Studies which provide counter arguments will be considered
without bias. There will also be joint speeches with the 4th World Congress on
Social Simulation (WCSS 2012) which will be held on the same campus, September 4-7, 2012.
For those of you who also want to participate in WCSS 2012, you should register for
WCSS 2012 (

Important Dates

‧Deadline for abstract submission - June 15, 2012
(**Deadline already passed but you can still submit abstracts and present your work if there are still slots available)

‧Notification of acceptance - June 29, 2012

‧Deadline for Registration - August 17, 2012

Local Organizers

‧Shu-Heng Chen (Professor, National Chengchi University)
‧Chung-I Chou (Associate Professor, Chinese Cultural University)
‧Sai-Ping Li (Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Committee Chairman)
‧Yuo-Hsien Shiau (Professor, National Chengchi University)

Co-Host: Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica
& Graduate Institute of Applied Physics, National Chengchi University

Contact Information

Mr. Jia-Hong Sie
Graduate Institute of Applied Physics, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 29393091x89608; Fax: +886 2 29360360
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